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At INVEST COLLEGIATE, we imagine, we nurture, we value, we engage, we sustain, we transform, as we champion opportunities in leadership and learning - embracing greatness, inspiring achievement, within a telescopic environment.



INVEST COLLEGIATE: Transform is a tuition-free public charter school that provides a next generation educational environment for children.  Founded in 2012, we are focused on creating a culture of academic excellence in preparation for high school, post-secondary education, and life. We serve students K-10 and strive to meet the needs of diverse students and serve families who are employed throughout the Charlotte Metro area as well as families who live within walking distance of the school.

Next Generation School

What jobs will exist when our students graduate? As educators, it’s our responsibility to equip our children with skills to be successful. That’s why we are using our unique learning environments— called “immersive learningscapes” by our partner Little Architecture— to foster next generation skills that young people will need in a world that is being continuously disrupted by innovation.  In order to engage a new generation of learners and foster an innovation mindset, we are committed to researching, designing and implementing new learning initiatives that maximize instruction for our students.



​More and more, young people will need to develop leadership skills— critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, agility and adaptivity, initiative and entrepreneurship, communication, curiosity and analysis— in order to truly be prepared for the future. Character development is an important component to our academic program and we have adopted the FISH! philosophy of Choose Your Attitude, Be There, Make Their Day, and Play. We also constantly impart the message of The Leader in Me to our student.




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